Bradley Boboc (b. 1995) is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Conceiving his practice as a synthesis of abstract and pop ideals, he utilizes a collage-inspired process to compose his paintings. Drawing on a wide array of influences, from the color fields of Esteban Vicente to the painterly guitar work of Johnny Thunders, Boboc’s work elicits simultaneous feelings of tranquility and excitement.

Much of the imagery in Bradley’s compositions reflects his surroundings in the downtown Fashion District. From dreamy fragments of window displays, to sharply drawn accessories and furniture, these motifs evoke a sense of faded idealism common to storefronts in the area. Despite their bright colors and joyfully intricate arrangements, the effects of sun fading, glare, and painterly distortion give these depictions a distant, nostalgic quality. Layered atop the coarsely dyed surface of the canvas, marked thoroughly with gestures and symbols, each painting exists as a platform for reflection and imagined memory.

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