bottle ballet / welcome!

//bottle ballet / welcome!

bottle ballet / welcome!

I want to start off by thanking everybody visiting this page. The support that I’ve received in my first year of painting has been overwhelming, and this backing has continually pushed me to keep creating. I’m starting this blog now as a means to contextualize my art for these supporters, as well as others who may come across it.

As my practice has expanded over the past months, I’ve found it difficult to explain the scope of what I’m doing through social media alone. By establishing this platform, my goal is to give people an understanding of my art so that they may engage with it on a deeper level. Though I never thought of myself as someone who would run a blog, I think that making myself vulnerable in this sense will allow others to understand the process behind my artistic decisions.

For my first post, I used some of my latest sculptures to create an animated ballet. Set to a piece by composer Judy Jackson, this video exhibits the wayward behavior of 4 bottles left on the scene of a still life. As far as the sculptures themselves, I will explain their origin in future posts, though I will showcase them below. For now, enjoy the video and look forward to weekly posts on this page.


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