a sir and his dog

//a sir and his dog

a sir and his dog

It was a joy to make this video and I think the public can expect additional episodes in the future. The idea came from already having all of these objects in my apartment. I had made the “sir” as a one-off sculpture a few months ago, and he has a very strong presence. At 16” tall, he guards his favorite Purex bottle with conviction.



A month or so after he was created, I decided to make the Fabuloso dog, which may have been one of the more difficult projects I’ve ever completed. Over 3 days, I combined 7 pieces—a Fabuloso bottle for the snout, a Pine-Sol bottle for the body, 4 soda bottles for the legs, and a funnel for the tail—to make a watertight sculpture. The sealant, WaterWeld, completely burned and stained my fingers, but it was worth it. After all this, I filled the vessel back up with the Fabuloso and added the ears and tongue from the bottle’s label.


For this movie, my goal was to showcase the lively character of these sculptures. The sir would be bold and stern, yet show a great deal of love for his bottle and his dog. Coincidentally, the dog has his own bottle that he enjoys retrieving for the sir. Together they make a great pair, and I look forward to their future chronicles.



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